We Are Green



Covid 19 Measures

1. No More than two staff members per work shift. “Less steps more secure”
2. All well trained staff to follow our Disinfecting Measures checklist.
3. Covering all exposed public touch points which includes

• Doorknobs
• Elevator buttons
• Light switches
• Faucet handles
• Publicly used telephones
• Computer monitors, mice and keyboards
• Counter tops and conference tables
• Cafeteria tables, coffee pots and vending machines
• Garbage can lid and handles

Keep it safe

Why to use products with lables of Warning! Flammable! Toxic! Its clear those are not safe. Many chemicals like Bleach, Chlorine and ammonia are base solutions for most of the cleaning products in the industry. By choosing green products not only we are reducing risk of hazards but also helping the initiative of helping to reduce environmental waste.

Your Health is more important

With those warning label’s everyone knows those are intoxicating chemicals can make you sick if you get highly exposed to it. So why not use products with biodegradable residues and no scent.

Eco Friendly Cleaning
Biodegrable Products
Clean and Green

Help our Environment

Opting green products means responsible cleaning practices and product use. Less greenhouse gases emission and low air pollution.

ERA CLEAN uses plant based and biodegradable cleaning options. Green and cleaning technology utilizes potent cleaning and odor neutralizing properties of various ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable botanical recourses.

It also contains inert, non-toxic surface protection that revitalizes surfaces and inhibits soil redeposition, making subsequent cleaning tasks quicker and easier, while using less product.

ERA CLEAN takes few measures as well as follows a checklist to reduce the risk of infection of spreading to the minimum.